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Work Regulation in Dubai: The Legislation On Termination of Employment

Under Dubai law, which is regulated by United Arab Emirates (UAE) labour legislation, an employer needs to give a staff member a minimum notification period of 30 days before the termination of an employment agreement. The United Aram Emirates regulation is inflexible in this respect which means that the law permits no room for settlement, even when the employer wants to consent to a much shorter period. Any much shorter contractual notification duration is unlikely to be enforceable by the company.

Upon termination of employment, the United Arab Emirates work regulation states that a worker needs to be repaid for all entitlements they have not been able to gain from, such as unutilised leave. If the worker has helped the business consistently for at the very least a year, and also does not participate in the Company’s pension scheme, gratuity is owed to them on the termination of their work. This is payable at a rate of 21 days a year for 1 – 5 years service, and also 30 days for over five years. This is genuinely theirs as an ‘end of solution benefit.’ UAE law especially mentions that on termination of an agreement, a company should return a worker to their native land, must the staff member stopped working to find other work within an established amount of time.

It should be kept in mind that there are no provisions under UAE for redundancy; for this reason, they do not recognise ‘redundancy payment’ in itself. The UAE does, however, state, that an employer ought to supply pay off as much as three months wage, where they have ended the employment for a factor aside from the worker’s efficiency. Thus, in technique there is a stipulation for redundancy, not in those words; yet this problem is still a controversial one. UAE Labour Law might get complicated however altogether sides with the staff members most of the time.

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